Monday, May 20, 2013

Springtime Weekend Fun!

Spring is my favorite season of the entire year.  The weather was perfect for spending our weekend outside.

Luke got a hold of the hose...

And this is what ensued.  That kid is ALL boy!!

Brrr!!! That couldn't have felt good!

Someone snagged my iPod. (:

What could be better on a gorgeous spring (yes, it's almost summer, but I'm still calling it spring since it's only mid_May!) evening than a fire in the fire pit and s'mores?  Not a  whole lot!

We had so much fun spending Saturday outside, and the weather on Sunday afternoon was gorgeous, so we spend Sunday outside too.  

Ben got out a box of things from when he was younger.  Luke was all over the light sabres!  Ben was too. (:

Once we went inside, Abby decided that we needed some chocolate chip cookies.  OK!  (:  She was sweet and patient enough to let Lukey help.  She is going to be one amazing mama someday!  (Notice that Luke had to have the light sabres to make cookies.)

We had a super, great weekend!  Relaxing and just fun to be together at home.  Only a few more days of school and we can do this everyday!

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Mom said...

How fun!! Luke cracks me up!! He is quite the boy!! A little dirt (or mud) never hurt anyone). Abby is going to be quite the domesticated young lady!! Love smores!! Still haven't had one this summer. Cute pictures!!