Monday, May 13, 2013

HaPpY 5Th BiRtHdAy, LuCaS!!!

Mister Lukey could not wait for his birthday!  I mean could. not. wait.  The big day just couldn't come fast enough.  It was fun to listen to him be so excited.  On the other hand, it got slightly old answering the constant stream of questions of, "Is it my birthday yet?", "Is my birthday tomorrow?", "How many more days until my birthday?".

Fortunately, Luke was able to take birthday treats to school the day before his birthday.  That made him happy.  It made him feel like it was his birthday, even though it wasn't.  (:  Who doesn't love a prolonged birthday???
Aren't these birthday treats adorable?  They would make me happy!   (I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I made these fun birthday treats and I was pretty proud of them.)

Getting Grammy's present in the mail the day before his birthday made Luke's day!  Not only did he get to have birthday treats at school, but he also got to open a present!  Score!

Thank you, Grammy!

The big birthday day was finally almost here!  The excitement and anticipation that Luke had was super fun to watch!


There was way too much on the calendar for May 9th!  Not so much during the day, but the evening was insane.  Because of this, I had to find some fun ways to distract Luke from opening presents and make sure he had a super fun day.  

First stop:  lunch!  I told Luke we could go to lunch anywhere he wanted. He, of course, chose...

McDonalds.  Silly boy!

YAY!!  Another package came to distract Luke from having to wait for Daddy, Ben and Abby to be home to open presents!
Thank you, Aunt Kris, Uncle Scott, Lexy, Kortney, Reilly and Erin!!

As you saw here, Pathfinder is one of our new favorite things.  It was a gorgeous day outside, so I asked Luke if he would like to go for a walk on the Pathfinder.  He had no idea what I was talking about.  I asked him if he would like to go to "the forest" and he jumped up and down for joy and shouted "YES"!  

 Not only is Pathfinder a great place to go for a walk, it has some great places for photo ops!

One of Luke's favorite things on our walk was this cactus.  It was pretty cool.  He didn't want to get too close and was proud that he didn't get poked by the "pokey things".  (:

Another one of Luke's favorite things about Pathfinder is this tunnel.  We didn't walk the direction of the tunnel, but we had to go just far enough for him to walk to the other side.  I also gave in and let him climb up to the top.  Ugh...It was his birthday, after all.  And I get so tired of saying no.  Again, one happy boy!

After Pathfinder, I'm pretty certain that time seemed to pass extremely slow for Luke.  Remember I said that we had a crazy busy agenda for the night?  Well, I told Luke that he couldn't open presents or eat cake until Daddy, Ben and Abby were all home.  What he didn't quite realize is that Daddy was meeting us downtown for an art show that Ben was a part of.  Then we were off to Abby's band concert.  (More on those events later.)  After that we would finally be able to go to Frank & Lola's (his birthday dinner of choice) for dinner.  It was late.  We were all starving.  But it was great!
Our sweet waiter decorated Luke's cup of milk.  (:


Time to open presents!!!

 And eat cake!!!

What a great day Luke's birthday turned out to be!  It was busy, but so much fun!  I am thankful that Luke and I had the first half of the day to hang out and have fun together.  I just can't believe that my little guy is 5 years old!  I just can't figure out how this happened so fast!

I love you so much, Lucas James!  I love that you love Jesus!  I love that you are growing up to be a sweet, loving, happy, outdoor loving, silly, fun boy.  I hope you had a super fabuloso 5th birthday!  

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Mom said...

It is hard to believe that Luke is already 5 years old. Time sure has flown by. Cute pictures!! What a busy day for the birthday boy!! I'm sure he loved it!! The pictures don't lie!!