Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All-City Christmas Band Concert

Ben was very excited about his first band concert of the year! I was too! The neat thing was that all of the schools combined for this concert. Both 7th grade bands, both 8th grade bands and then both the mid-high and the high school.

I am pretty impressed with how well the 7th graders sounded! I can't believe they have only been playing for a year! Take a listen...

African Bell Carol

Minka's Sleigh Ride

This all of the bands, 7th grade through 12th grade all playing together! The sound was amazing!! I am so proud of Ben and the progress he has made in the last year!


Pat said...

Very impressive!! I'm so excited that Ben has been selected to try out for All District Band. Good luck Ben! Keep up the practicing!! I'm hoping to come see a performance.

Nana-Judy said...

This was GREAT! The instructors are to be praised, too, for drawing such good sound and 'timing' out of these kids. You go, Ben! Trombone is a difficult instrument--learning where to place that slide--!! Good job!