Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas in Missouri

There's nothing like the holidays to remind me how far away I live from my family. I hate it! This year we were able to meet my mom and Rebecca, Neil and Nolan at the halfway point between here and Indianapolis (It's in the middle of nowhere!) to celebrate Christmas together.
This is the loot!
The kids were pretty anxious to open presents! Shocking, I know!
Luke was beyond thrilled to get a Thomas set!
He didn't care to open anymore presents after this one!
I love the gifts that Aunt Becca made for Abby and Ben! (I want one!)
Thank you, McCracken's!
Ben was SO happy to get a new Colts jersey! He had one, but managed to get it signed by Peyton Manning this summer and wouldn't wear it anymore. Now he has a new one to wear on game days!
Abby's next! :)
Clothes! Just what she wanted!

I was very anxious to give my gifts! I LOVE giving gifts and these ones I was pretty excited about!
I think they liked them!
I loved this present from my sister, Kris! Cute!
Thank you, Hodnett's!!
This made me laugh! It looks like the trains are refueling at the cookie tin! :)
These boys are so silly!
Luke is telling Nolan a secret. Must have been funny!
Nolan and Abby were buddies!
Nothing like cookies and milk in bed! NICE!
Once Luke opened another gift, that was all he wanted to play with! Maybe he should have opened the non-toy gifts first...
The next day he did manage to finish opening his presents.
"Thank you, Grammy!!"
The boys finally decided to play nicely together.
Rebecca and I were trying to get a serious picture, but apparently we were all feeling a bit silly.
Neil & Rebecca
The McCracken Family
Me & my little sis :)
My fam! Doesn't Luke look thrilled? Just wait! The pictures of him get better!
Trying to get a picture of the kiddos...
I love this girl! We were all going a little cuckoo trying to get the little boys to cooperate.
I really wanted a picture of Grammy with all of the kids, is that too much to ask for? YES!

We really had a good time and it was so good to get to see family!


Pat said...

It was a great weekend! So sad that the time seems to fly by so fast!! I am thankful for a little time versus no time. Your pictures tell it all! It was so fun!!! I wish everyone could have been together. Again, I appreciate what little bit of time I can get.

Becca said...

Hey there! I am working on my annual photo book. Do you think you could send me the pictures from this post? There are some great ones.