Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Parade

Armed with hats, gloves, and hot chocolate we braved the cold and the wind and headed downtown for the Christmas parade Saturday night. I was excited to go to the parade since I had never been to a parade in the dark. (Jon took the kids last year while I was out of town.)
While walking to our parade viewing location we spotted this great window all decorated for Christmas. It seems like you don't see very many store fronts decorated like they used to be. We really enjoyed this one!
Here comes the parade!
My boys! :)
Luke loved the police cars and fire trucks with all of their lights on! (Until the fire truck turned on it's siren. He's still talking about the fire truck scaring him.)
More fire trucks!

We all loved the Christmas parade in the dark! The floats looked so neat all lit up!

We had quite a spread of Christmas on this night. After we left the parade we headed to Bethlehem. Yes, Bethlehem! Bethlehem in Bartlesville! One of the local churches builds Bethlehem in their parking lot and you can go for a tour. I LOVE IT!! It is so great to have a visual picture of what Bethlehem might have been like when Jesus was born. I love taking the kids there to really put Christmas into perspective. Yes, the parade was fun, but there's nothing like seeing that baby all wrapped up, laying in the manger and remembering the real reason that we celebrate Christmas!


The Schumachers said...

Thanks for posting. We didnt get to go because I was elbow deep in Sugar cookie dough... I was sad we missed it. I'm glad your family had fun!!

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome that they do the parade at night. I bet the lights are super cool. Erika's been telling her friends at school and her cousins that the presents are just the icing on the cake(her words)...The REAL reason we celebrate is because baby Jesus was born and THAT'S a bigger deal than presents! Love that girl!!!