Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

Our Christmas is best told by the pictures. We spent the day at home in our jammies and only left the house late in the evening when I couldn't take being in the house any longer!
Luke couldn't resist his new fire truck! But he had to wait to open the rest of his presents until we read the real Christmas story.
No, he wasn't bored. Just tired. He was very excited about it being Jesus's birthday!!
Time to open the stockings!
Ben and Abby were getting the same thing for their big gift. I didn't want one to see what the other one opened, so we made them sit back to back and neither one was allowed to say anything until they both had them opened!
As you can see, Ben got his opened first and looks pleased!
Abby was shocked!
Both are very happy!
Ben has had this sheet of Star Wars stamps (and a sheet of Frank Sinatra) for a long time and asked for frames for Christmas. I did one better! I got them matted and framed! He was very happy!
This is the purse/bag that Abby wanted from the Thirty-One party I had back in October. I told her that I wouldn't by it because it was too expensive. It wasn't too pricey as a half-price item! I was so excited to give it to her! She was very surprised!
This gift was a little bit silly. I started on this afghan for Abby over THREE years ago and had never finished it! Abby has asked me so many times when I am going to finish it. Well, I decided that I would drag it out and work on it while she was at school and finish it for Christmas. I was well on my way, when I counted and realized that it wasn't going to be big enough! So......I pulled the whole thing out and started over! Ugh...I didn't quite get it finished, but Abby was thrilled to know that I am working on it and it will be done very soon!
These are gifts that Grammy sent home with us so that the kids would have something to open from her on Christmas morning!
I was very impressed with Jon's wrapping and bow making!
This is what Ben and Abby did all day! They played and chatted with each other on their new DS's! It was very quiet!
Luke played with all of his toys and watched Toy Story 3!
It is tradition at our house for Jon to make waffles on Christmas morning!
Later in the day we ventured out (still in our jammies) to take our homemade goodies to our neighbors!
Aren't they adorable?!

So, Christmas was very low key at our house! It was nice to be lazy for the day, but I didn't like not having anything to do or anyone to see! It was probably better this way for Ben as he was recovering from surgery. We will be celebrating Christmas with Jon's family on New Year's Eve!


Anonymous said...

Love the Christmas pictures!

Pat said...

Great pictures!! It may have seemed low keyed to you, but it looked like everyone enjoyed the day!! Sometimes it's nice to just relax. The kids jammies are cute. I'm surprised we didn't see the opening of the Christmas Eve gifts. Everything looked beautiful!!!

Athena said...

Awesome pics! I am SOO glad that the kids liked their DS's!!! :) THey sound like my kids. That's all they did all day too!!!

ValAnn said...

Fantastic photos!! I love it! We spent the week after Christmas - and yet again last night - watching Toy Story 3!