Friday, December 3, 2010

Little People Nativity

I have wanted to buy the Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set for my house for a loooooong time! (Like since Ben and Abby were little!) Thankfully, a friend posted on Facebook that they were on sale at Target last week before Thanksgiving. I couldn't wait to make it to Target and get one. (I live in a town where the closest Target is almost an hour away! Sigh...) Wouldn't you know it, that I finally make it to a Target and they are all sold out! Great! Fortunately, I was able to get a rain-check! I made a run to Target this week and got the last one on the shelf! It was meant to be! I couldn't wait to get it home, open it up, play with it and tell Luke all about it!
Luke loved all of the people and animals! It is so sweet to hear him talk about Baby Jesus! The funny thing is that he often can't remember Mary and Joseph's names. He will ask me, "Who's that guy?" I will tell him it's Joseph and he'll repeat after me. But if I ask him what Joseph's name is, he'll say, "Sarge." (From the movie "Cars".) This boy is so silly!
I am glad to finally have this cute little set that Luke (and Ben and Abby) can play with and talk about Jesus and the story of his birth!


Jaime Lynn said... girlfriend! The shipping is less than the gas money to Tulsa (even though sometimes it is fun to go there) and many times they have free shipping!

Anonymous said...

Mine's packed. :O(

Pat said...

Sooo Sweet!!!