Friday, December 3, 2010

Bring On The Christmas Decorations!

Jon and I thought we would get a jump on getting the Christmas lights up before the really cold weather hit. We were a day late. It wasn't too bad though. Notice Jon is in shorts! Something is wrong with that picture!
Here is the finished tree project! (Blurry, I know...)

Several days later and many degrees colder, Jon and Ben got around to getting the lights on the roof.
Ben is actually standing on the roof. Check out his manly pose!
My smiley guy. :)
I love this picture! SO cute!

There are more lights to go up. Think they'll make it???


Anonymous said...

Those head lamps come in handy don't they?! Chris and Jacob have a couple that they used in scouts. Love your "Light" trees!

Pat said...

I love looking at the outside lights. Your trees are beautiful! Do you have a "Tim the tool man" in training? Great picture of father and son!!!