Thursday, September 1, 2011

Abby Learns To Sew

I was thrilled for Abby when Grammy offered to teach her how to sew! I love that Abby will always get to say that her Grammy taught her how to sew! Abby still needed to make something for Girl Scouts for the county fair, so this was a great opportunity to work on that as well.

I wasn't home the night that Abby and Grammy worked together, so the pictures in this post will have to do most of the talking.

This is the same way Mom taught me how to sew. She drew lines on paper and we used the machine to poke holes in the paper. No thread.

Abby did a super job! I was very impressed!

Grammy and Abby had to go out to get a few supplies for their project and made a pit stop at Cherry Berry.

Cherry Berry has been opened since last spring and, much to Abby's dismay, we hadn't been there yet. This was very special for Abby!

Back to work!

The finished product turned out GREAT! I am so proud of Abby for doing such a great job learning how to sew!

Thank you, Mom, for taking the time to work with Abby and make this a special night for her! I know she will always remember when Grammy taught her how to sew and took her to Cherry Berry!

Now we'll just have to see how she fares at the fair!


Mom said...

Abby was quite eager to learn to sew. She was a great student!! I think she had a good time and she did a great job!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome Grammy she has! Good job Abby!

Courtney said...

cute. way to go. now i need a lesson :) just got caught up. love all your new things in the kitchen. you are way crafty~! i love it. i miss you friend. i hope you are doing well. let me know if you come to tulsa soon.