Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Last Hurrah At Kiddie Park

As soon as I found out that Kiddie Park would soon be closing for the summer, I knew I had to take Luke one more time! Jon was in South America and Ben had no desire to go, so I headed out with Abby and Luke for one last hurrah at the happiest place in Bartlesville! Obviously everyone with small children had the same idea. The place was packed!

We got in line for Luke's first ride and waited...
and waited...
danced and waited...
We waited in line for 45 minutes!

But it was so worth it! Luke loved the bi-planes!
(They weren't open any other other times we were there this summer, so they were a must tonight!)

The three of us had a super time at Kiddie Park! Luke asks almost daily to go back! If I could only get him to understand that they are closed until next spring... I see many more trips to Kiddie Park in our summer next year! What a fabulous place!

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