Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Washington County Free Fair

Last year was the first year Abby entered anything in the fair for Girl Scouts. (We had never even known anything about the fair!) After her experience last year, she was eager to do it again this year. (Abby was especially eager due to the fact that if you win a first, second or third place ribbon, you win a little bit of cash!) We came up with two things that we thought would be great for the fair and then, at the last minute, Abby threw in another entry that she had made at Girl Scouts this year.

She did great!

First place for her Girl Scout!

Third place for her rag doll and honorable mention for her pillow. (Let's not get started on the pillow! It was great! Definitely deserved better than honorable mention!)

Abby and Miss Joy, Abby's sweet Girl Scout leader.

Luke was pretty excited to check out the (few) animals at the fair!

Turning corn...

...into cornmeal.

Abby made a rope. Cool!

Any trip to the fair wouldn't be complete without some kind of food! We opted not to eat at the fair, but we did pick up some cookies!

The fair is very small, but it was fun for Abby to participate and it was fun for me to take Abby and Luke for a little while.

The wheels are already spinning thinking about what Abby can enter next year!

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