Friday, September 23, 2011

The Day Before The Big Day

I was SO happy to finally make it to Indiana for Kris's big day! I hated being so far away that I wasn't able to be around for all of the planning, shopping, preparing, etc... Once I got there I was ready to go! Friday morning we headed to the church to decorate for the ceremony, then off to the reception location to check things out and finally to the rehearsal dinner location to get things set up.

This is Kris and her best friend (since childhood) Beth.

Kris and Beth doing their signature mosquito faces. :)

Once all of the decorating was done we all went out to lunch together. Super fun!!


These boys love their dinosaurs!
Thank you, Nolan, for sharing your dinosaurs with Luke!

Abby was learning about her responsibilities as the guestbook attendant.

Luke was more than happy to help blow out all of the candles!

Kris made (super cute!) bracelets for all of the girls for the wedding.

SO happy to be with my sisters!! :D

I wanted to see Kris, Scott and the girls open their wedding gifts, and since I wouldn't be around after the honeymoon, I had them open them early.

I was really excited to give Kris and Scott the bottle of wine that Jon got when he was in Argentina! I think they were happy about it too!

I had a super great day spending time with my mom, sisters and all the rest of the family! SO HAPPY!!

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