Monday, September 5, 2011

Kitchen Fun

I am so addicted to Pinterest! I can spend way too much time on there before I realize how much time has passed! I found some really cute ideas for my kitchen and figured it would be something great to work on while Jon was in South America.

Here is what I found and had to do.

Ready to go!

The process was a bit tedious.

Measuring and drawing lines.


And painting.

I even pretended I knew what I was doing. I know Nate Berkus does this, so I felt pretty cool. :)

Of course, in all of the fun of doing a project there had to be some issues. When I went to hang my "E", I discovered that the hole that had been drilled in the back had been put in the wrong place. If I had hung the "E" where the hole was, it would have been upside down and backwards. :( Also, while I was in the process of making the curtains, my sewing machine broke. What the heck?! SO frustrating!! I was really bummed to think that the project that I wanted to get done before Jon got home, might not be. :(

Thankfully I have a friend that was more than willing to let me borrow her sewing machine! Score!! My curtains would get finished after all! The "E"...not so fortunate.

Yay! One curtain hung! I LOVE IT!

I had this muffin tin up before, but it was black. I LOVE this re-do!

I am pretty proud of this too! I took a picture of each of these bottles of pop and made a collage. I love how it turned out!

And the second curtain is up! This is what it looks like during the day when Ben and Abby are at school.

This is how it looks everyday after school. :)

I still want to get an area rug, paint the chairs and some other fun things, but I am happy with how things are looking so far!


Mom said...

I think that is pretty impressive. Love the curtains!!!

Anonymous said...

SEE! I told you, you were talented! I never even know where to start!