Monday, June 4, 2012

Broken Bone Update's been a week and a half since Luke fell off of the picnic table and broke his wrist.  We headed back to the orthopedic doctor and got his new, permanent cast.  I really wasn't expecting a plaster cast.  I can't even remember the last time I had seen a plaster cast.  I had tried to make a big deal about going to the doctor and getting a new cast and getting to pick out what color he would choose.  He had it all figured out; he was going to choose blue.  Unfortunately, Luke didn't get his blue cast.  Fortunately, a plaster cast is great for signing!

Luke did a super job at the doctor's office!

Thanks to a sweet, sweet couple in our church that really like Luke (whom Luke LOVES), he got to go to the dollar store and pick out two prizes for doing such a great job at the doctor!

Luke has done GREAT with the cast!  It certainly hasn't slowed him down and he rarely complains about it.  And by complain, I mean that he has asked a handful of times, "When can I take this off?" or "Can I take this off now."  I am very impressed with my little guy!  He is handling things much better than I would!

We go back to the doctor on June 14 to see how much longer Luke has to be in the cast. 

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Mom said...

How sweet! He looks so cute!! He doesn't seem to be too upset with the cast.