Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kiddie Park!

It was a long, long fall, winter and spring for Luke with Kiddie Park being closed.  Every time we would drive by Kiddie Park Luke would ask if it was open yet.  Unfortunately, when you are are 3 (now 4), you have a very limited concept of time and don't understand that you have to wait months for something to be open again.  Thankfully May finally arrived and Kiddie Park opened again for the season!

Some friends, one of Jon's former co-workers and his family, came down from Independence to have dinner and go to Kiddie Park with us.  (Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them.)  They have a 3 year old boy who was just as excited as Luke to go Kiddie Park!  They were some pretty excited boys!

Even at (almost) 12 years old, Abby and her friend, Riley, still enjoy Kiddie Park!  I love seeing them be kids!

The best thing about Kiddie Park...
This little guy was completely wore out and fell asleep immediately!

I'm sure this was just our first trip of many to Kiddie Park this year!  It is the happiest place on earth!  Well, in Bartlesville, anyway.  (:

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Mom said...

Luke and Abby look like they totally had a good time. Luke was wiped out!! cute pictures!!