Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Very Welcomed Visitor/Helper!

A few weeks back I made a very sarcastic comment to my mom about coming out to help with our garage sale.  Little did I know that a few weeks later she would call to say that she was coming if we wanted her to!  How could I say no?!  A visit from my mom!  I would never say no!  I also had no idea how much I would need her help!   More to come on that.

It worked out just perfect that Grammy made it here on the day of Abby's last softball game.  It stinks to live so far away from family, so it is very special when an out of town family member gets to be here for things like this.

Ben and Luke are old pros at hanging out at Abby's games.  Luke loves the games.  Ben endures them.

I have no idea how we would have pulled off this garage sale if Mom hadn't come out to help!  With all that has been going on in the last few weeks and in my current foot status, it was very difficult to get things ready.  I worked as hard as I could whenever I had time, but there was still much to do.  We worked late in the hot garage to get everything ready for the next morning.

Thankfully, with Jon and Mom's help, we got everything as ready as we could.  The garage sale was a success!  The main point of the garage sale was to make some money for our trip to Ireland with Ben.  We had a goal and we made it!!  Praise the Lord!!  I love when I can see Him at work working things out just perfectly!

Friday night was mine and Jon's anniversary.  We didn't make any plans because of the fact that we were having a garage sale, and up until a few days before the garage sale, we didn't know that Mom was going to be here.  We ended up going to Tulsa to a Driller's game complete with fireworks.  FUN!

Yeah...and then there was this... all week long...
We went to Tulsa on Sunday after church.  We spent a lot of time at one store and my knee was very tired.  I mentioned that if we were going to go to Target, that I would be willing to sit in a wheelchair.  Yep, I've sunk to that low.  Ben and Abby were thrilled and said they would be happy to push me.  Fortunately/unfortunately there was a powercart.  Oh the humility... I hated the thought of having to use one of these things, but the thought of kneeling on the scooter just wasn't pleasant either.  I have to say that there was much  laughing as Luke and I powered through Target.  Luke still talks about how funny it was!

There is always plenty of time for playing cards while Grammy is here and during the summer!

Grammy and Luke love to go for walks together.

Kiddie Park is a must!

And so is "the ice cream factory"!
(Also known as Braums!)

Signing Luke's cast was quite an ordeal the whole time Grammy was here.  Luke was completely against letting her (or anyone else, for that matter) sign it.  On the night before she left, he finally let her sign it.  So sweet!

Thank you so, so much, Mom, for coming out!  It was so nice to have you here!  I don't know how I would have made it through the week without you!

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Rebecca said...

Loved the post. So many cute pictures. And I can imagine the laughs at Target... It makes me smile just thinking about it. Hope the walking went ok yesterday.