Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Off!

After nearly six long weeks since that fateful day, the day has finally arrived!
It's time for Luke's cast to come off!

 Just look at this sweet boy!  Ugh...I just want to squeeze him!  He is just so stinkin' adorable!  This is his last morning to wake up with his cast on.

I loved all of the sweet sentiments on his little cast.
 But I'm ok with it going away too!

 In about a minute, the cast was OFF!  YAY!!!

 Luke was happy for the cast to be off, but wasn't quite sure what to do with his arm.  He held it in the familiar position for a long time.  
I wonder if his skin was a little sensitive from being in the cast for so long.  He acted like it hurt if we touched his arm.

Another round of x-rays just to make sure things are looking as they should.
Things look great!  The doctor said that Luke's wrist is 90-95% healed.  The cast was ready to come off so that Luke could start moving his wrist around and get things working again. He can do almost everything now, with a few exceptions.  No jumping on the trampoline or off of the furniture and no motorcycle riding.  (:
We have to go back in two weeks for one last set of x-rays and hopefully Luke will be released to do all of his normal activity. 

 I told Luke that if he did a good job at the doctor's office that I would take him to the water park to celebrate having his cast off.  He was so excited!  I didn't remind him that he really didn't like the water park last year.  He had so much fun playing in the water with Abby!  What better way to celebrate finally not having to worry about getting keeping the cast dry.  It was perfect!

Now we just have to pray that we don't have any more broken bones!


Mom said...

I don't know who is more excited about the cast being off, you or Luke. Now he can do all the fun stuff outside that he couldn't do for six weeks. YEA!!!

Kris said...

I love how you do those collage pictures! I'm sad I didn't get to sign Luke's cast. :(