Friday, June 22, 2012

Foot Update

Ugh...just thinking about my foot issues brings tears to my eyes every time.  I wish I could say that, since my last update, things were progressing in a positive direction and my foot is getting better.  Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. 

Here's where we are at:  I went for an MRI at the end of May to see why my foot wasn't getting better with just wearing the boot.  I found out that, not only do I have tendinitis, but also tendonopothy (thickening of the tendon) as well as a tear of the tendon.  The MRI showed some other issues also, but they are apparently "non-issues".  The doctor gave me a list of options:

1. More time in the boot.  (Ugh...)
2. Fully immobilize my foot in a cast and/or us a knee walker or crutches.  (Seriously?!)
3. Surgery.  (He really isn't a fan of surgery since the tear is (apparently) not that bad.  I'm totally ok with that!)

We scheduled an appointment for a few weeks out to see how my foot was progressing in the boot.  I just prayed that by the time I went in, things would be better.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.  My foot just continued to hurt.  I went to the doctor not sure what he would say.  I was pretty worried.  He's not sure why my foot isn't healing and said that the next step is to not put any weight on my foot.  He explained that this is a process and I have to realize that I have a broken foot.  Having a torn tendon is very similar to having a broken bone.  It just takes time.  He still isn't in favor of doing surgery as surgery on a tendon is not easy.  It is tricky and a very long recovery. comes the knee walker.  I have dreaded this since the very first mention of it.  And yes, when he talked about it at this visit, I cried.  I have three kiddos.  We are busy people.  How in the world am I going to use that thing all of the time?  I guess I just have to suck it up, figure it out and continue to pray for healing.

If only the smile on my face meant that I like the scooter...

Please continue to pray with me for complete, miraculous healing of my foot.  This has been a long process and I am weary of it.  The emotional toll has been huge and I am SO ready to be done and feel normal again.  I will update again as soon as I go along this crazy adventure.

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Mom said...

Just hang in there!! I'm sure it is quite a challenge! Can't say I'd be any happier than you are.