Monday, October 22, 2012

Recovery: Week 3

Warning!  More potentially disturbing (but totally cool) pictures below!

No, I'm not going to continue to do recovery posts every week for the rest of my recovery, but this week was a big deal and I wanted to share.

I was really looking forward to going to the doctor this week because it was time to get my stitches out!  I felt like the stitches had been the most painful/annoying part of this whole process.  They were itchy, they pulled, they hurt...they were just annoying!  I had been working on stretching/flexing my foot and always felt like it would feel so much better once the stitches were out.  I was also looking forward to moving out of the splint and into a boot.  As many months as I had spent in the boot already, I was ready to go back into it.

 I took the boys to my appointment with me.  They were happy to go since a trip to the doctor in Owasso usually means lunch at Chick-fil-A!  They weren't disappointed.

Luke likes to go to the doctor with me anyway.  They have good toys there!  It's the little things in life!  :)
I wanted a picture of the boys while we were waiting for the doctor.  I couldn't get Luke to just smile!  He had to be silly in every picture.  That's ok!  That's just Luke being Luke!

I also have to say that I couldn't have made it to this doctor's appointment trip without Ben.  He was so helpful!  At lunch, he was the "go-pher".  Ketchup, napkins, refills...he was happy to go get anything that Luke or I needed.  At the doctor's office, he made sure to hold Luke's hand, carry my bag, open doors...just so helpful!

 These puppies are ready to come out!

The nurse told Ben and Luke that taking out my stitches wouldn't really hurt me.  She was trying to make them feel better about being there, which was great.  However...It hurt plenty!  I think it had a lot to do with the fact that having had my foot down for so long, it was pretty swollen.  She really had to work at getting them out.  Then, one word...alcohol.  OUCH!!  I understand the need to clean the wound, but, holy cow, that hurt!  It's hard to be big, brave and strong while your boys watch!  I think getting the stitches out was the most painful part of this whole process this far!

But I am SO thankful they are gone!

AND, I got a brand new boot!  Woo Hoo!  (Remember this one?)
I am now allowed to start to put weight on my heel.  Not all the time and not on my whole foot, but it is a start.

This is what lies under the boot.  Pretty, huh?  Abby loved the hot pink wrapping.  I am happy to say that I can take this off tomorrow and take my first real shower in nearly three weeks!  Ahhh...I know it will be divine!

More amazing meals from more amazing friends continued this week!  We are one blessed family around here!  

Monday  (Jamie)
Pasta with chicken, veggies and rolls

Tuesday   (Sheila)
Buffalo chicken spaghetti with green beans and jalapeno beer bread

Thursday  (Kate)
Roast beef with potatoes, veggies and cornbread

My super, fantastic friend, Heather, brought over the most amazing treat tonight...a cherry diet Coke and a pumpkin cupcake from an amazing little cupcake shop she found while on vacation.  I love her!
(Today was...a rough day!  This, and the girly conversation, was exactly what I needed!!)

I (my whole family!)  has been so spoiled through my whole recovery process!  I just can't even explain what a blessing so many people have been to all of us during the past three weeks!  There aren't enough words to say how blessed I have been or felt!  All I can do is cry and thank the Lord that he has allowed me to have such amazing, real friends.

There have definitely been hard times in the last three weeks, but the good has far outweighed the bad!  My recovery is not complete and I know it is going to be quite some time before I am back on my feet without pain, but I believe I am through the roughest part of it all.  Please continue to pray with me for complete healing of my foot.  I know Jesus has heard each and every prayer and is going to make my feet good as new!

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Mom said...

What a group of friends you have! They have taken good care of you. I am very thankful for them also, since I cannot be there. Looks like some good food! Pictures of Ben and Luke are so cute!! Luke looks like a little Ben. Three weeks down, yea!! I know it hasn't been easy, but it will get easier as time goes by. Be patient! (I know I am a fine one to talk).