Sunday, July 25, 2010

Abby Is Back Home!

When Jon, Ben, Luke and I came back from Indiana two weeks ago, Abby stayed behind to spend some more time with family. This past week we met my mom half way to get Abby back. It is so nice to only have to drive five hours instead of the whole ten! (For everyone involved!)
I know I have said this before, but we don't go anywhere without the portable dvd player! Luke is an awful traveler!! So when we are on a trip, anything goes!!
Grammy and Abby stopped at Burger King for lunch on their way and brought Luke this crown. He loved it!!
Grammy is taking Luke to look at the big trucks outside but had to stop by our window and say, "HI!"
I don't know about your kiddos, but ours love to play on these carts!

After we checked out of the hotel we headed over to a really nice park right across the street!
Ben is such a big helper!
Grammy and Luke were checking out the animal pictures.
Climbing the rock wall.
So glad to have my baby girl back home!
All three! :)
I love to see Ben play! Most times he thinks he's too big anymore! :(
All three really liked this little merry-go-round!
They really do like each other sometimes!
Maxin' and relaxin'!
Abby and Grammy
Abby, Grammy, Luke and Ben
Grammy & Ben
Luke spotted a grasshopper up on the jungle gym! He just stared at it until it finally flew away! He loves bugs!!
Abby loves her baby brother!

We finally decided that it was too hot and time to move on. So, we went to lunch and headed back out on the road. This time Ben got to go back home with Grammy!

On the way back home we had to make a little pit stop...Luke was ready to be done with being in the car! (He had done great, considering the fact that he'd had surgery three days prior!) So, we stopped at McDonald's for a little snack!
Abby tried a new strawberry banana smoothie! (Which she said was delicious!)
And Luke had an ice cream!
A little ice cream can make anyone feel better! Right?!

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Jaime Lynn said...

Good times!!! Love the new background too! Cute!