Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation: Day 4

The late nights and heat were taking their toll on all of us and we felt quite lazy in the morning! So, we just laid around for a while...
...and then headed outside to play.
I really don't think the heat effects this little guy! Crazy!
Ben was anxious to put together a new Lego set from Uncle Harry!
Luke was so exhausted that he fell asleep in Aunt Kris's arms in just a few seconds! I know she really enjoyed that!
We got some rummy time in!

We decided to try the baseball game again. Better luck this time!
Luke's preferred way of eating a hot dog - no bun!
Kortney, Reilly and Abby
Grammy, Erin, Kortney and Ben hanging out at the game.
Noley :)
Me and my big sis!
Take two...
Me and my sis's!Mom and sisters :)
Sharing? Maybe...
Goofy girl!
The gang's all here! (Luke looks like the odd man out!)
The whole fam! :)
Me and my little sis!
Mom and Rebecca!

The baseball game was so much fun! Hard to pay attention, but fun! We will definitely be doing that again!!

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