Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girl Scout Cessna Tour

This past Friday Abby Girl Scout troop went on an overnight trip to Independence. KS. (I know, doesn't that sound like fun?! HA! Don't answer that!) The first thing on the agenda was a tour of Cessna. I know this doesn't sound like great fun, but I was actually looking forward to it and I think the girls really enjoyed it! It was very interesting seeing where the airplanes are made.
Of course we had to start out with a group shot!
And then we were briefed on what we would be seeing and what was expected of us. (Isn't he a cute tour guide?)
Before we set out on our tour we had to put on our safety gear.
Of course we had to have a group shot with the safety glasses on!

The tour is on! However, no photography is allowed. Bummer!

Then we headed outside for a hands on look at an airplane. The girls loved being able to get in and check it out!
Luke liked it too!

Abby and her great friend, Sam
We headed back inside for the girls to try their hands at flying! In a simulator, of course!
Abby's turn.
Luke's tune! I'm not so sure I would want to be in the airplane that he's flying! YIKES!!
One last group photo op!

After the girls left Cessna they headed to McDonald's for dinner and then to the hotel for the night. The next day involved a trip to the Independence Zoo (which Abby wasn't at all impressed with), lunch at Dairy Queen and finally some swimming time at the Independence pool! I didn't stay the night or attend the second day activities, but I know that Abby had a great time! She was completely wiped out when she came home!

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Chris would like to come and play simulator too! lol