Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Girls Weekend in Branson

I had waited for this day for months!! Once we (Karen and I) knew that there was a possibility of Karen moving back to Missouri from Oregon, the wheels started spinning for both of us! Then, when we knew for sure that she was moving, it was a no brainer that we would get together! What started out as just getting to finally see each other after more than two years turned into an all out girls weekend!

Day 1
I'm on my way!
This is the beautiful resort that Karen's parents set us up in!
It was a beautiful place out of the way of the hustle and bustle!
I've never stayed anywhere that gave Bath & Body Works toiletries! Nice!
Yep! We went all the way to Branson and ate at McDonald's! Nothing better than eating Big Macs with your best friend!! :)
We spent our first day at Branson Landing! It's basically an outdoor mall, but it was so pretty! We did our fair share of shopping there! We found some great bargains!!
Dinner at Shorty Smalls was delicious! Especially after driving and shopping all day! Our feet were glad for a break!
The water display at Branson Landing was great to watch!

Day 2
Today we decided to Ride the Ducks! It was hot but fun!!
We had a "quacktastic" time!! :)
It was hard to quack and not laugh!
Ready to head down the hill and splash into the water!
It would have been so refreshing to just jump into that water! It was SO hot!!!
The back side of the dam at Table Rock Lake.
"Captain Who" was the best driver/guide!! He made the ride so much fun!!!
The traffic was insane!!
Seeing as though we didn't have any kids with us and no responsibilities, we headed out to the Titanic museum around 9:30p.m.! (Aren't we such night owls?!) It was heavy, but we were so glad we went. It was so neat! Definitely a place I want the rest of my family to visit!
You probably can't tell, but we are standing in front of an iceberg which is in front of a giant (replica) piece of the Titanic!
(This is a crummy picture. Karen's is much better, but this will work for now...)

Day 3
We didn't even know this was all out behind the condo until we were getting ready to leave! So pretty!
Karen had never had a pedicure before, so that was something we really wanted to do! After all of the walking we did the first two days, we felt like we deserved to do it on our last day together!
Awww...aren't our piggies adorable?!
Unfortunately it was time to say goodbye and head home to our families. :( We had an amazing time and can't wait to see each other again! I don't think our next visit will be this grand, but any time I can see Karen I will be happy!! Thankfully there are only 4 1/2 hours separating us now instead of half a country!

My drive home was very interesting! I had a little bit of car trouble, followed by a traffic jam in which it took an hour and twenty minutes to get to my exit that was only 2.3 miles away! Come to find out the highway had been shut down due to an acid spill. Great!
(Let me just say that if you think you have to go to the bathroom at any time on a trip, you should probably stop and not wait! You might regret waiting until the next exit!)
I finally made it safely home! I was happily greeted by my three boys, a clean house and these beautiful flowers! What more can a girl ask for?!


Kelly said...

That sounds like so much fun! I have a girls weekend in the works but I get to head east! I think - *think* - I'm going back to MI for a week BY MYSELF to go to Ohio to the Country Living fair with my Aunt Brenda and possibly a couple of cousins. I'm so excited and your recap made me even more excited! :)

Pat said...

How exciting!!! I love the pictures!!! You girls look so excited to be together. I've always thought I'd like to go to Branson, but I've never made it. Looking forward to seeing you!!!

Anonymous said...

I have so many things to say...OK first...when did you take the pic of the toiletries? LOL That must have been while I was in the potty. haha 2nd LOVE the Big Mac pic! I may have to frame that one. haha I also love the shot of us at the Landing! That one really does need a frame! I can't believe how sweaty I look in that "duck pic". YUCK! you finally got your water tower shot. lol And finally...you sneaky sneaky girl! I got a shot of you watching the baby ducks too! Great minds think alike. Thanks for an awesome vaca my dear sweet friend! LOVE YA!

Athena said...

Aw. Looks like you guys had such a good time!!! I am so happy for you guys that you had that weekend together. Thanks for sharing!!

Nana-Judy said...

great post!! Love your pictures and the video. Now...Karen needs to get her pics up! heehee Glad you two had such a great time...it was our pleasure to be able to help out!