Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vacation: Day 8

Today was pretty low key. No big plans for the day.
Ben was teaching Nolan all of the Star Wars characters.
Ben & Kort
Erin, Ben & Reilly
Alex & Aunt Mimi
I think these girls might have a future in architecture!
The Hodnett family
Me & my big sis
A whole mess of Hodnett's and Grief's!
I can't believe Alex is driving!

Later in the day we headed over to the McCracken's.
Goofy kid!
Nintendo 64...Old school!
Stealing some love from Nolan. I'll take it any way I can get it!
Luke is diggin' some old school Mario!
Me and my baby girl. I sure wish she would smile!
We played a new game tonight called Whoonu! It was really fun! A great game to get to know people! (Even if you think you already know them...) It was great to just hang out with family!

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