Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bargains & Creativity

I am SO tired of looking at the plain white walls in my house!! I have a desire to be creative, but am not! I had a little burst of something at Hobby Lobby this afternoon and went with it!

First of all, I found this adorable bicycle in the 90% off section!! Well, it wasn't 90% off, but it was 70% off! Only $8.50!! That's my kind of deal!! I actually hesitated on this because my sister has bicycle decor in her living room. I didn't want to copy or anything! Then I thought maybe I should get it and send it to her! Well, as you can see it made it on the wall in the bathroom!
Then I got really creative! (HA HA!!) A friend of mine has some really cool pictures in her house that I found out are just framed scrapbook paper! I could do that! The hardest part of this was choosing three different papers that coordinated with the shower curtain! I love how it turned out! I love how just a little splash of color makes such a difference!!

Now let me tell you just how cheap this little project was!
3 frames: $3.99 each, however, 50% off, so only $2 each!
3 scrapbook papers: $0.59 each, 50% off! (Plus there is much left over for another use!)
Brown spray paint: $2.97 (I didn't like the look of the cheap frames I bought. And obviously, there is a lot of that left for another use as well!)

So my whole project cost me under $10!!! I put four decorations on the wall for under $20!! That's my kind of decorating!! Now if I could just do the rest of the house.....


Pat said...

Miss creative!! Very cute!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go!! looks super come do my house! lol

Kelly said...

Isn't it funny how scrapbook paper is so pretty you can frame it?!? I have so many papers I love too much to cut up!
And watch out for the spray paint! You'll become addicted to spray painting things real fast! I have a big stash in the garage because I'm always spraying something! :)

Pat said...

nice decorating mom
is that all? i think you should take more pictures of it

Jaime Lynn said...

Jamie I seriously love it all! I have a friend that did the scrapbook paper in frames thing too and I have always wanted to try it. Maybe I will revamp my bathroom too! I am like copying your life now...blogging, decorating, screaming kids at the store. HA - j/k. Congrats on the thrifty cuteness!

Nana-Judy said...

I think you are VERY creative. If it is something YOU like then...GO WITH IT!