Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation: Day 7 for the Adults

Jon and I were absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to go to Kings Island! It has been years since we have been to an amusement park! We LOVE roller coasters or any kind of ride! My mom offered to watch the kids while the adults went to have fun! Unfortunately Kris had to work and Neil isn't interested in the rides, so it ended up just being me, Jon and Rebecca.
SO excited! I think I figured out that I hadn't been to Kings Island since high school! 17 years ago!!
The Diamondback is the first ride we went on. I have to admit that I was scared to death as we were headed up that first hill! It was HUGE! (230 feet tall and went up to 80 miles an hour!) But once we got to the top I got brave and rode the entire ride with my hands up! It was my favorite ride of the day!!
This was a great little roller coaster too! Not high, but fast and fun!
The Vortex: fast, fun and shaky!
The Drop Tower...This ride is absolutely HUGE!! It takes you 315 feet (26 stories!!) up in the air and then drops you in a free fall at over 65 miles an hour!! The three of us were very nervous to ride this one! Especially Jon! He said that he'd rather be in an airplane up that high!
We all ended up really liking it, but thought it was over way too fast! Go figure...
This ride was excellent as well!! Flight of Fear! (This picture is deceiving. The ride itself isn't the spaceship looking thing. That's just part of where the line goes through. The roller coaster part is inside of a building.) I was definitely in fear mode as I stood in line and watched this thing take off!! To go from sitting still to 54 miles an hour, it looked crazy! The ride happens in the dark, so we had no idea what we were in for! It was fast!! Great ride!!
Later in the day it started to sprinkle and there was some lightening in the area, so most of the rides (all of the good ones) had to shut down. It was a great time to sit and rest the aching feet for a little bit! I have no idea how my feet got so filthy!
The kiddie part of Kings Island is called Planet Snoopy, so there were Peanuts character signs and stuff all over! We were particularly fond of this one! Can you guess why?

We had such an amazing day!! It was great to run around without kids and ride the awesome rides! I must be getting old though because I was absolutely beat at the end of the day and so sore the next morning! I would, however, do it again in a heartbeat!!

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Anonymous said...

You guys are insane!! I wouldn't have even gotten in half of those lines let alone actually gotten ON the ride. LOL