Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Softball

Abby LOVED softball so much this past spring that she didn't hesitate when we asked her if she wanted to play in the fall league. The schedule is a little bit stressful with school, but she still loves it!!!
Check out that stance! The unfortunate thing about this age group is that it is "kid pitch". Obviously, at this age, they are all still learning, but very few balls actually get hit.
But Abby's ready if one actually makes it into her territory!Ben is rarely happy about going to Abby's practices and games and often stays home. Luke loves to go because he loves anything and everything about being outside! I really like it when Ben is there because he is a great helper with Luke. I often don't get to watch the games because of that rascally two year old!
Ben thought Luke would be better if had a big stick to play with!
What little boy doesn't like to play with sticks?
This little guy loved it!!


Anonymous said...

She looks like she is READY!! So glad she's found a sport she loves. BTW~we're signing Erika up for Upward Bound this Abby doing it too?

Pat said...

Good stance Abby. She does look ready for anything coming her way. Nothing like a boy and his stick!! Cute pictures!!!