Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Craftiness

I often have the desire to be crafty,however, I am anything but. I get all of the e-mails of cute crafts to do with the kids and always have great intentions, but the crafts rarely get done. Amazingly enough, this craft actually made it from my inbox to my front porch! Here's the link if you would like to make them too! Let's just say...The options are endless!
I found so many great jars at garage sales, by cleaning out my refrigerator, and a great friend.
Ready to get started! I had planned to do this with Abby since she loves crafts, but I couldn't wait and made a few while she was at school. Thankfully she wasn't mad at me for not waiting for her. It just made her more anxious to make her own.
Here are the ones that I made.
I love how they look in the dark!
Finally, Abby didn't have too much homework or softball practice, so we were able to get busy.
These are the pumpkins that we made together. Not finished yet...
Topped off with a bow!
Abby was very proud of her pumpkin!
After her pumpkin was done she hopped right on to another jar.
Look at that face!
What a nut! I love this girl!!
Here are the lanterns that Abby made! I think she did a great job!!

I love how these look outside lit up on the front porch. I think I will save some jars and make some Christmas lanterns too!


Anonymous said...

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat said...

I love them! The are so cute. Looks like something I've done in the past. Keep crafting!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome!!! Oh to be as crafty as you! I may have to "try".

Athena said...

These are soooo neat!!! Oh, to be as crafty as you. I could never do it! Great job!! Abby did great too!!

Nana-Judy said...

So cute and so easy looking! I like you idea for Christmas ones too!