Monday, October 4, 2010

My Big Distraction

WOW! It seems like I have been gone forever! Not really gone, because I have been home, but gone from here. Last week our modem died and I really believe that God took the computer away from me for a reason! (How dare God title one of my bible study lessons last week "The Hindrance of Laziness"! Perhaps He was trying to tell me something...) It is a HUGE distraction for me. I spend way too much time on here and not enough time with Him, or doing what needs done at home, or playing, singing, and reading with Luke. So much gets left behind and I get stressed out because there is so much to do due to my poor time management. I really missed not having the computer around, however, I plan on spending a lot less time on the computer and a lot more time on the things that really matter!


Nana-Judy said...

Oh, Jamie! It is SO hard to find that discipline within ourselves sometimes! I am struggling to keep up with my Bible study homework! Our ladies are doing a Beth Moore study on Daniel[Babylon] and I specifically got the workbook so I would spend more time "in the Word". Then, I totally 'lost' the book [and study time] for one whole week!
I MUST do better! I WANT to do better! God, help me!!

Pat said...

I totally understand. I'm in the same situation with my Bible study. Satan is doing his best to
distract me. How dare him!!! As of now, I am totally up to date. Yea!!!

Megan said...

I understand this. It's so hard for me to leave my computer after I get on it!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't commented in forever, but someone(of course no one takes the blame) got rid of ALL of my favorites and I've been off of the blog thing for awhile. Glad to have YOU back though! :O)