Saturday, October 16, 2010

Update: Luke's Bedtime Antics

So you remember reading about Luke's difficulty with his transition to his big boy bed? Well, since it's been a few weeks, I thought I would update as to how he is doing. I am thrilled to say that he is doing GREAT!!! The little guy actually asks to go to bed now! He runs to his bed and climbs right in!
He even loves to go play and read in his bed when it's not nap/bed time! I found him here when I noticed how quiet it was in the house!

This is just too funny! The other day I let Luke look at a book when I put him down for his nap. I love to go take a peek to see if he has gone to sleep or see if he is playing or whatever. I love to see him sleeping so peacefully! But on this day, this is what I found:
Apparently reading about dinosaurs was just what he needed to fall asleep this time! HA HA!!! I couldn't resist running to get the camera and risk waking him up! It was just too funny! Thankfully, I managed to get the picture and remove the book without waking my sweet sleeping boy!
Isn't that just precious?! What is it about seeing them sleeping? I just love it!

Anyway, I am thrilled that Luke has learned to like his big boy bed! His awesome sleeping patterns haven't returned, but I will just be happy, for now, that he stays in his bed!


Jaime Lynn said...

Glad it's working out well!

Pat said...

Very cute!! Nothing cuter than a sleeping child!!